Who knew such a little creature could have such a major impact. Gucci was not only a faithful companion to me, but in the 3+ years he fought the battle against lymphoma, I witnessed him touch the lives of many.

Gucci was an amazing Pekingese that unexpectedly came into my life in September of 2009. He taught me how to be a better person and in his own way was able to show me what life is all about. I am blessed to have known Gucci and thankful for the memories that keep his spirit always alive in my heart and soul.

Although Gucci was not helped specifically by the JLACF (HE helped the JLACF), he helped many to become better people, and because of him many people made donations to the JLACF in his memory.

Thank you to all who have donated to the JLACF in memory of Gucci, for you have allowed his spirit to live on through the lives of other animals that will now be given the opportunity to be here with us for some more precious time.

Dr. Joshua